BBA AG Magnets Company history

Code of Conduct

We conduct our business in accordance with legal provisions and official regulations.

Our company's commitment to legally compliant behavior is a particular responsibility of the management. The exemplary role of every manager is of major importance here.

Compliance management is based on the guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and is an elementary aspect of information and training for our employees.

Avoiding legal violations also involves appointing a company representative who advises employees on all legal topics.

Employees are primarily responsible for acting in accordance with the law:

Compliance with the law is the highest principle for our company!

If you as a partner, customer or supplier become aware of or discover unethical behavior or suspected or known non-compliance with anti-corruption laws, you are obliged to inform BBA AG immediately.

You may submit the report via your BBA contact person or via our company representative (see Contact, Head of QM)