Iron-removal systems / Magnetic separator

Possible applications

Suitable for:


Animal feed

Bulk materials

Chemical products

Liquid products

Installation on:



Conveyor belts


We will gladly help you to choose the right magnetic separator

Below a selection of types and installation options

Magnetic grid

Magnetic grids are used wherever a low installation height and a large cross-section are required.

Magnetic filter bar

Magnetic filter bars can be used in liquid or solid material flow. Mounting options with internal thread or threaded bolt.

Magnetic plate

Magnetic plates are suitable for separating ferromagnetic parts from raw materials that are transported in vertical or inclined pipelines on chutes, conveyor belts, etc. For easier cleaning the plate can be equipped with hinges.

Pipe magnet

Pipe magnets are installed vertically directly into the pipe. For cleaning, the magnet can be swung out.

Drum magnet

Through a constantly rotation of the drum, iron parts are automatically separated from the product stream and removed.

Over belt magnet

Over belt magnets are particularly suitable for the automatic separation of ferromagnetic parts from raw materials transported by conveyor belts. The over belt magnet is mounted transversely to the conveyor belt.

Customer examples

Magnetic grid

Magnetic filter bar

Magnetic plate

Pape magnet

Drum magnet

Over belt magnet